I design how we talk to technology and how it talks back.

I strive to design purposeful, private and polite products people want to use – so that we may spend less time on our gadgets and more with each other.

Please help me.



In 2016, Kevin joined Samsung Research America as a senior user experience designer following design roles at IDEO in San Francisco and Microsoft in Seattle. 

At Samsung, he is part of a small team collaborating with Viv Labs to bring their assistant technology to new and exciting devices. Kevin holds a MFA in Industrial design (with specialisation in Interaction Design) from Umeå University and a BSc in Computer Science from the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil.

Some of Kevin’s work was recognised by Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards (2016), the IxDA Interaction Awards (2014, 2015, 20162017) and Core77 Design Awards (2014, 2016).



A   A series of tools to help universities better evaluate the next generation of doctors.  University of Berne 2013  

B   An app that help kids develop awareness of their creative control by creating their own dance party.  IDEO 2015

C   A chat-bot that helps students write better essays by helping them get over the fear of the blank page.  Microsoft 2015

D   A playful beginner camera concept to help people see their world from a new perspective.  Umeå Institute of Design 2016

E   A future vision for a smart home inhabited by collaborative bots. Umeå Institute of Design 2015

F   A vibrating chair that allows museum visitors to have a tactile experience with music.  Umeå Institute of Design 2013