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Production project (2010 – 2014) in a collaboration between the Institute for Software and the Institute of Medical Institution together with Sebastian Hunkeler, Philippe Zimmermann, Stephan Schallenberger, Felix Schmitz and Markus Stolze.


Sweaty palms, restlessness and the fear of failing is what most of us associate with examinations. This is especially true for when medical students’ clinical skills are being evaluated in a patient-doctor situation. This requires months of preparation, a lot of highly qualified staff and adequate facilities. Once major source of errors and lost time are the many paper checklists that need to be printed, filled-in, scanned and evaluated. 


Experienced doctors of all ages and backgrounds now use iPads to assess each student’s skills. Exam organizers now create the exam checklists on their Macs and evaluate the results immediately. And they can monitor the exam's progress using their iPhones. 


As of 2014, seven universities in four countries use eOSCE. For them, eOSCE means up to 2500 fewer sheets of paper to print and handle per exam, a 3 times quicker turnaround of examination results and less uncertainty during the examination itself. But what pleases us the most was the impact we are having on the doctors themselves; how they could not possibly imagine going back to dealing with paper checklists: how they report to be less stressed and happier when evaluating students. And that is making them more productive (10 times fewer grading errors) and more likely to participate again.